1. Complete Florida’s graduation requirements, based on the year a student enters 9th grade. List of specific requirements for each year entering 9th grade class. Minimum GPA 2.0
  2. Submit attendance form for senior year.   Attendance Form
  3. Submit final Allendale Academy report card including all senior year grades using either the PDF or Excel form attached below.
      High School Report Card.pdf
      Electronic High School Report Card.xls
  4. Submit 2 samples of High School work (major tests or projects) for any homeschool (non-virtual school or College) math, science, social studies and English classes.
  5. Submit virtual school and/or college unofficial transcripts if applicable. FLVS does not send student transcripts to Allendale Academy. Please include FLVS grades on an Allendale Academy Report card and submit it along with an unofficial cumulative FLVS transcript (not individual course grade reports). A PDF of the FLVS can be downloaded from your students FLVS homepage.
  6. Submit Community Service documentation. (Not required for Graduation.) Documentation must be signed, be on the non-profit organization’s letterhead and include the typed name of the individual signing the attestation. Only one letter per organization which documents all hours during a year is needed.
  7. Submit passing standardized test results (40% or greater) SAT (640 Reading and Math total), ACT (14 Composite), California Achievement, Stanford Achievement, Iowa or Peabody. Once passing standardized test results are achieved in the 10th grade year or later no additional standardized testing is required. Passing standardized test scores are required for graduation.
  8. For Florida Bright Futures candidates: Submit an Allendale Initial Bright Futures Application and file a Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) with the state.
      Bright Futures Information.pdf
  9. Fill out & submit Graduation Application
  10. Transcript Requests

High School Graduation Credit Requirements

Allendale Academy’s High School Graduation Requirements are set by the State of Florida. Florida’s state graduation requirements are based on the year a student enters 9th grade. The specific requirements for each entering 9th grade class are listed at Official Florida Department of Education Graduation Charts.

Students must meet the specific State of Florida requirements to graduate.

To graduate With Honors students must meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) Award listed at Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

The general requirements for a 24 credit diploma include:

  • English- 4 credits (Must include a combination of Grammar, Vocabulary, Composition, and Literature)
  • Mathematics- 4 credits (Must include 1 credit Algebra I and 1 credit Geometry)
  • FL Students only: Pre-Algebra does not count as a math credit for Florida Bright Futures
  • Science- 3 credits (Must include 1 credit Biology. 2 of the 3 credits must include
    labs. Many labs can be done online as a virtual lab. Go to your favorite search site and type in “Virtual Science Lab.” )
  • Social Studies- 1 credit in American History,1 credit in World History, ½ credit in American Government, ½ credit in Economics
  • H.O.P.E- 1 credit (½ credit Physical Education/Personal Fitness and ½ credit Health)
  • Fine Arts/Practical Arts- 1 credit total in any combination of Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Drama,  Painting, Drawing, etc) and/or Practical Arts (Computer, Speech, Debate, Industrial Arts, etc)
  • Electives- 8 Credits (2 of which should be in a single Foreign Language for students planning to go to college and Florida Bright Futures)

Students must meet the specific State of Florida requirements to graduate.

Official Florida Department of Education Graduation Charts