First Time Enrollment K-8th Grade $100
First Time Enrollment 9th Grade $130
First Time Enrollment 10th & 11th Grade $140
First Time Enrollment 12th Grade $180

Payment by check or money order must be mailed in with the Enrollment or Reenrollment Form(s). Pay online below with PayPal and submit online form. A PayPal account is not required for online payment.

Tuition with PayPal

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I/We as parent educator(s) agree to uphold the requirements of Allendale Academy, namely: either teach 180 days per school year, or complete the curriculum for the grade level listed above; to keep the report card showing subjects taught, grades earned, and an attendance record; to submit a copy of the report card to the Director at the end of each semester and the attendance record at the end of our school year; to keep in our home a portfolio consisting of a list of materials used and samples of our student’s work; and to provide for testing or an evaluation of our student and submit a copy of the results to the Director at the end of our school year. We understand that Allendale Academy is a private school whose purpose is to provide parents with the opportunity to instruct their children at home. We understand that any advice given by the school and its staff is not guaranteed by the school. We release Allendale Academy from any liability. We assume all responsibility for compliance with all requirements with regard to education in our state. We understand Allendale Academy is not liable for any neglect on the parent’s part.

We understand, if we withdraw from Allendale Academy, our financial obligations must be met and all required documentation submitted before our student’s records will be released.

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