Senior Year

Enrollment Requirements

  1. Enrollment Form: New students / Returning students
  2. Enrollment fee – Use PayPal links below or send a check with all paperwork.
  3. Any prior school records. We will request transcripts.
  4. Allendale Academy report cards for each year of Homeschool High School completed.  High School Report Card.pdf
  5. State School Entry Physical form and copy of birth certificate for students who have never attended a public or private school.
  6. State immunization or State objection form (may be part of a prior school transcript/record). Current Florida statute requires that all schools, both public and private, maintain a copy in a student’s file. See below for Florida School Immunization Requirements information.


Florida School Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements: Public and Nonpublic Schools, Grades Preschool, Kindergarten Through 12, and Adult Education Classes. Rule No. 64D-3.046

Allendale Academy Annual Testing and Evaluation Information

  Annual Testing Information Required for Grades 4-12 – Submit standardized test results SAT, ACT, CAT-5, Stanford Achievement, Iowa or Peabody or teacher evaluation. Once passing standardized test results (40% or greater) are achieved in the 10th grade year or later no additional standardized testing is required. Passing standardized test scores are required for graduation.

  1. The 1970 edition of the CAT5 test, available from Christian Liberty Press. You would be responsible to order it yourself, administer it yourself, and mail it back to Christian Liberty Press for grading. They will mail you the results, of which we will need a copy. There is also an option for an online version which offers instant results. Christian Liberty allows parents to keep the test for one year. This will allow you to review the contents of the test before you administer it, if you choose. Christian Liberty does not require the parents to be certified teachers in order to purchase or administer this test.
  2. Register your student for spring testing at your local public or private school. Check with your county or local private school. Some charge a minimal fee for this.
  3. Your local homeschool support group may offer testing. Advantage: Having your students take the test with a group of children they already know.
  4. You may hire a certified teacher to test or evaluate your student.
  5. High School Students in 10th or 11th grade may also take the October PSAT at a public or private school in your area. Because private schools tend to be more accommodating of Homeschool and Umbrella school student we recommend contacting one in your area to make arraignments to take the PSAT. Please use our CEEB # 100256 so that we will get the results.
  6. Your high school student may use the SAT or ACT as their yearly test. These tests are given at local high schools and test sights. Registration is done online and must be completed a month or more before the test date. Please use our CEEB # 100256 so that we will get the results.

SAT or ACT Scores must be reported directly to the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers. NCAA Eligibility Center CEEB # 9999, NAIA Eligibility Center CEEB # 9876.  Test scores that appear on transcripts will not be used.

Whichever option you choose, you will need to send Allendale Academy a copy of the test results or evaluation.

Testing for grades 1-3, and for students with Specific Documented Learning Disabilities is optional.


 Graduation Checklist

  1. Complete graduation requirements. Florida’s state graduation requirements are based on the year a student enters 9th grade. The specific requirements for each entering 9th grade class are listed at this link Minimum GPA 2.0
  2. Submit attendance form for Sr. year.  Attendance Form
  3. Submit final Allendale Academy report card including all Sr. year grades.  High School Report Card.pdf
  4. Submit 2 samples of High School work (major tests or projects) for each homeschool (non-virtual school or College) math, science, social studies and English classes.
  5. Submit virtual school and/or college unofficial transcripts if applicable. FLVS does not send student transcripts to Allendale Academy. Please include FLVS and/or college grades on an Allendale Academy Report card and submit it along with an unofficial cumulative FLVS and/or college transcript (not individual course grade reports). A PDF of the FLVS can be downloaded from your students FLVS homepage.
  6. Submit Community Service documentation.       (Not required for Graduation.) Documentation must be signed, be on the non-profit organization’s letterhead and include the typed name of the individual signing the attestation. Only one letter per organization which documents all hours during a year is needed.
  7. Submit passing standardized test results (40% or greater) SAT (960 total), ACT (14 Composite), California Achievement, Stanford Achievement, Iowa or Peabody. Once passing standardized test results are achieved in the 10th grade year or later no additional standardized testing is required. Passing standardized test scores are required for graduation.
  8. For Florida Bright Futures candidates:
    1. Submit an Allendale Initial Bright Futures Application with the first semester Sr. year report card.   Bright Futures Initial Application.pdf
    2. File a Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) with the state by August 31st of graduation year. (Students graduating in 2015 can file the FFAA 12/1/2014 to 8/31/2015)   Bright Futures Information.pdf
  9. Submit Allendale Graduation Application.

To graduate With Honors students must meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) Award listed at Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program